Benefits and Rewards Services

Our services provide tangible results to users increasing their "motivation" which contributes to improving company performance

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Our Benefits & Rewards Services

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Advantage of Sodexo Benefits & Rewards

Sodexo offers a wide range of services that improve the quality of  life of its consumers, clients and partners. Our gift certificates serves as effective HR solutions, incentive and recognition tool that drives organizational performance. From our universal gift certificate (Premium Pass) that can be used in more than 8,000 outlets nationwide, to gift certificate that promote work-life balance and enriching the lifestyle of employees  (Lifestyle Pass) and  encourage employees to have a full meal everyday (Lunch Pass). You can also design, customize and match your employee incentive and benefits programs, promotions through  a gift certificate (Gift Pass) that is tailor fit to your needs. We can simplify your life and take away the hassle of finding the right reward for employees that works.


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