Co-Branded Vouchers

Co-Branded Vouchers

Make the most of your shopping experience with our co-branded gift certificates!

Enjoy our co-branded gift certificates with the country's Top Retailers including supermarkets, appliances and department stores!


An Extraordinary Shopping Experience for All Your Needs

Our Co-Branded Gift Certificates are designed to give you the best shopping experience at the country's top preferred retailers. You and your family can surely make the most out of these attractive voucher options!


1. Rustan's Gift Certificate - Enjoy a premium shopping experience with the country’s pioneer in luxe grocery and lifestyle shopping!

Rustan's Gift Certificate by Sodexo


2. SM Gift Pass - Explore the offerings of the country’s number one mall chain with the help of your SM Gift Pass!

SM Gift Certificate by Sodexo


3. Shopwise & Wellcome Gift Certificate - Enjoy your grocery shopping, and stock up on your everyday essentials by using your Shopwise & Wellcome Gift Certificates! 

Shopwise and Wellcome Gift Certificate by Sodexo


4. Waltermart Gift Certificate - Make the most out of your time in the first chain of community shopping centers in the Philippines! 

Walter Mart Gift Certificate by Sodexo

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