How can I attract the right customer & get them to buy often?


“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all"

-Michael Leboeuf

We help our clients in satisfying, winning, and keeping their customers for life by adding value to their loyalty programs, product buildings, product promotions and incentives.

With access to a wide range of options through our reward platform and the capability to design customized offers that are best adapted to our clients’ needs, we help companies achieve their goals, thus, contributing to improving their performance.

Why Implement Non-cash Incentives and Recognition Programs

Non-cash incentives and recognition, in particular, lead to better results due to the following:

  1. Focus off price: Avoids competition solely on price
  2. Stretching the budget: Companies can offer more for less by optimizing perceived value
  3. Spreading the word: Participants will be proud to have won these rewards and will tell their friends
  4. Memorability: Most rewards match what the participants desire but would never buy, making the participant think of the giver every time they think about or use their rewards

Because of this, the flexibility and variety offered by non-cash incentives and recognition programs in responding to diverse needs are helping to make gift certificates the forms of rewards most preferred by both clients and beneficiaries.

We help them find new ways in rewarding and delighting their customers through Sodexo's Benefits and Rewards services.

Incentives & Recognition

Solutions that help organizations achieve their qualitative and quantitative objectives like rewarding employees for their loyalty, their behavior or to boost sales performance.

Most companies today continue to seek new ways to reward their loyal customers and partners. They often ask:

  1. How can I attract the right customer and get them to buy often?
  2. How can I increase my sales during traditionally slow periods?
  3. How can I motivate me trade channels to launch a new and promising product?

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Gift Pass

Customizable gift certificate to fit your organization or customer’s needs.

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