How can I launch a program that will continue to motivate and show genuine concern for my employees’ well-being?

Work-life balance, productivity, and well-being

From health and fitness, to a full meal, Sodexo finds solutions that help you in expressing your concern for your employees’ well-being. In line with this, you can choose from a wide array of solutions, each focusing on different aspects of employee needs.

Our solutions don’t just take care of your employees; our solutions also take care of the company as a whole. By having healthy and happy employees, the company also benefits from improvements in productivity and employee loyalty.

The Lunch Pass Solution

The quickest to a valued employee’s heart: Through his stomach.

Full Meal. Promote wellness in your office by making sure that employees have a full meal every day and that your budget is spent on meal

Remembering a Good Employer. You are already good but make your employees remember every day that you care and look after their well-being

Diversity Offered. Your employees can choose the place they like to go and the food they like to eat from our wide-array of restaurants and food establishments.

Team Spirit. Foster team spirit by encouraging your employees to have lunch with colleagues.

Real Lunch Break. Give your employees a real lunch break by disconnecting them from the working environment.

Gift Pass

Customizable gift certificate to fit your organization or customer’s needs.


Meal & Food Pass

Promote wellness and make your meal benefit more memorable and rewarding


Premium Pass

The Number 1 Gift Certificate in the country with the widest merchant network.

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