Meal & Food Pass

Meal & Food Pass

The quickest way to your valued employees' hearts is through their stomachs!

The Meal & Food Pass gives your employees the chance to have satisfying meals by allowing them to choose from a wide array of restaurants and food establishments.

The Most Memorable & Effective Meal Benefit

for your Employees!






1. Promotes Wellness


Be a company that is well-respected by your employees, by promoting wellness in the workplace through a myriad of healthy food options.


2. Freedom to Choose


The Sodexo Meal and Food Pass gives your employees the privilege to choose from a wide range of restaurants and food establishments nationwide. No matter what your tastes and preferences are, you can fulfill them all with the Meal and Food Pass.


3. Boost motivation


The Meal & Food Pass can help your organization boost motivation and engagement by assuring that your budget is spent on meals, while at the same time providing your employees with a memorable dining experience.


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