Mobile Pass

Mobile Pass

Rewarding and Gifting Made Easy!

The Sodexo Mobile Pass helps address logistical challenges, by offering flexible mobile gift certificates (GC) for your employee incentives and rewards, sales channels, loyalty programs for customers and product promotions in the most convenient and efficient way.

Sodexo Mobile Pass Gifting and Rewarding Through Mobile

The Sodexo Mobile Pass is a Fast, Secure, Effective and Hassle-free digital rewards solution. It is accepted at Exclusive and Top Preferred merchants nationwide and can be used for the following:


a. Product PromotionSend rewards and giveaways to your consumers nationwide from as low as P10 to any desired denomination anytime, anywhere. You will have no worries with logistics thanks to our proprietary online distribution solution.
b. Sales Channel RewardIncentivize your sales channel distributors or trade partners nationwide, and track if they have received their digital incentives through our online platform.
c. Loyalty Reward - Let us handle the merchant network for you. Deliver your rewards and gift vouchers in an instant.
d. Employee Incentives & Rewards - Give your employees immediate access to their rewards through mobile gift certificates, or electronic gift certificates (eGC) and let them enjoy these at our top preferred merchants.
Customers can enhance their experience even further with the free Mobile Pass App available for download on all Android and iOS devices. 
The app allows them to:
COMBINE multiple mobile passes
TRANSFER mobile passes to other accounts
IMPORT mobile passes from other accounts
ACTIVATE mobile pass activation codes

How Sodexo Mobile Pass Works for Business? Hassle-Free, Reward Distribution, Instant Reward, Exclussive Merchant Network


How Does Sodexo Mobile Pass Works:
1. Distribute your rewards without the hassle of leaving your office.
2. Recipients instantly receive rewards, Anytime, Anywhere.
3. Let them enjoy endless possibilities with the country’s top preferred brands nationwide


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