Premium Pass

Premium Pass

The Premium Pass gives your employees, clients and partners access to a wide range of rewards.

Premium Pass suits different people regardless of their individual needs. From shopping, dining, relaxing, entertainment to leisure and home furnishing, your recipients can choose their rewards from our wide array of retailers and service providers.

Premium Pass as the Perfect Reward

Give your employees and customers the freedom to choose the right reward for them, in a way that is most convenient for them and for you! The Premium Pass is the ideal complement to your employee benefits and customer loyalty programs.

Gain the Premium Advantage

Universality:  The Premium Pass gives you instant access to more than 6,000 affiliate merchants nationwide! Your employees and clients enjoy the freedom to choose the right reward that is best for them among supermarkets, department stores, restaurants, fast food chains, spas, beauty salons, and gasoline stations. The number of affiliate merchants continues to grow!

 Flexibility:  Denomination is available from as low as P100 and as high as P2,500, customized according to your requirements.

Branding Mileage:  The Premium Pass is the only gift voucher that offers personalization and  special packaging options. You can personalize your special message, company logo, or your President's signature on the face of the voucher!

 Convenience:  Join the leading multinational and local companies as they experience hassle-free and easy to administer and manage rewards solution.

The Premium Pass is ideal for:  

Employee Benefits:   Enhancing human resource policy to help them increase their attractiveness.

The Premium Pass is widely used by HR practitioners for the following:      

  • Christmas Gifts
  • Overtime Allowance         
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Rice Subsidy                       
  • Company Anniversaries
  • Productivity Awards              
  • Team Sports Award
  • Employee Referral Program

Incentive and Recognition programs:

Motivating teams to achieve quantitative or qualitative objectives to improve performance such as increasing sales, managing partner networks, etc.

The Premium Pass is ideal for Incentive and Recognition Programs such as:

  • Client Incentives               
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Loyalty Reward                  
  • Membership Privilege
  • Product and Retail Promotion                       
  • Client Referral Program
  • Product Bundling                
  • Promotional Items
  • Channel Incentives                             
  • Gift to partners or clients during company events
  • Team Sports Awards
  • Employee Referral Program
  • Sales Incentives
  • Perfect Attendance



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