Premium Pass

Premium Pass

The Premium Pass gives your employees, clients and partners access to a wide range of rewards.

Our Premium Pass is the No. 1 Gift Certificate in the Philippines, accepted in more than 10,000 outlets nationwide. It is made to suit people from all walks of life, regardless of their individual needs. From shopping, dining, relaxing, entertainment to leisure and so much more, the Premium Pass is the most versatile gift certificate available - making it the best gift and reward for any occasion.

The Best Gift & Reward for Your Employees, Customers and Partners


Our Premium Pass, the Number 1 gift certificate in the country, has the widest merchant network which gives your employees, customers and partners the freedom to choose from over 10,000 merchant outlets nationwide with the country’s most preferred brands.

Our Premium Pass is trusted by more than 3,000 companies and multinationals, and can be used for the following:


1. HR Solutions – Through our employee benefits and incentives programs, we enable companies to maximize their budget for boosting motivation for employees in the following areas:


       a. Incentives & recognition

       b. Meal Benefits

       c. Rice Benefits


2. Marketing Solutions – We provide cost-effective and hassle-free alternative channels to boost company performance, by providing the most suitable and effective rewards & giveaways for customers and partners in the following areas:


      a. Product Promotion

      b. Loyalty Programs

      c. Sales Channel Rewards


3. Christmas Gifting Solutions - Present your employees with memorable, exciting and rewarding Christmas gifts while taking away the hassles of yearly Christmas shopping.


4. Personal Gifting Solutions: Order, buy, and send gift certificates online for your personal gifts with just a single click, only at We also offer free delivery to anywhere in the Philippines!


Rewarding Solutions

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