What is the best gift to give my employees and customers during the Christmas Season?


Planning Christmas gifts for company employees and clients can be a logistical nightmare for many HRs and Purchasing officers. The process of first conceptualizing the right gift, purchasing and allotting space for storage, and finally, giving out the gifts, can be a very tedious process to go through.

Fortunately, Sodexo offers solutions through our Benefits and Rewards Services. Our vouchers are highly accessible, easy to use, store, and distribute, provide a multitude of choices and can be used as a gift in any event. By giving a Sodexo voucher, you are giving a real Christmas treat: real value and the freedom to choose.

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  • Convenient
  • Practical
  • Useful
  • Flexible
  • Freedom choose
  • More value
  • Wholesome family event
  • A real Christmas treat

From Gift Basket Sodexo Premium Pass

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The Number 1 Gift Certificate in the country with the widest merchant network.

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