Sodexo: Your Partner in Attracting More Customers

We bring our affiliates customers with spending power, which provides them with incremental sales and creates new revenue streams

Our Value Proposition

We provide incremental and sustainable revenue for our affiliated partners by acting as a unique B-to-B sales channel, to utilize the purchasing power of our growing number of contracted beneficiaries.

This, combined with our Global expertise, Financial Stability, and Cost-effective, secured & transparent processes makes us the partner of choice. Becoming our affiliate will require NO investments or upfront costs, while creating MORE traffic and sales for your business at the same time.

The Sodexo Advantage : What we can do for you

1. Attract customers with Spending Power - Sodexo helps bring traffic to your establishment and increase sales, by attracting people with Income and Ready spending power via their Sodexo Passes.

2. Provide Incremental Sales - Holders of our Sodexo Passes often purchase more than the face value indicated on their gift certificates. Aside from this, Filipinos rarely shop alone, giving you the chance to leverage on the preferences of their companions as well.

3. Create New Revenue Streams - Enjoy the Residual Value for any unused portion of the gift certificate's denomination.

Special Partnerships

We also provide special partnerships for our clients. We can easily adapt to any specific client or industry needs, as well as seasonal or thematic requirements.

SO, Did You Know?

We bring customers with spending power, provide incremental sales and create new revenue streams
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