Meal & Food Pass

Meal & Food Pass

Sodexo is Your Partner in Attracting More Customers!

Our Meal & Food Pass is a voucher specifically created for food establishments, restaurants and grocery stores. Increase your sales and grow your business by accepting the Meal & Food Pass in your stores now!

Accept Sodexo Meal & Food Passes in Your Stores and Get Various Affiliate Benefits!

1. Increased Traffic

To date, Sodexo has over 3,000 clients, with more than 2 Million consumers nationwide with extra spending power via our vouchers.

2. Incremental Sales

The partnership offers an opportunity for you to enjoy incremental sales, as more often than not, our pass holders spend more than the face value of their Sodexo Gift Certificates when they visit our partner establishments. Conversely, you could also enjoy the residual value for any unused value of the pass because of our 'no change' policy.

3. Your Instant Sales Channel Extension

Partnering with us instantly gives you an additional sales channel. This eliminates the need for additional sales forces in your stores, and expensive ad campaigns.

4. Brand Exposure

Stay ahead of your competition, as partnering with us gives you brand exposure and an edge in capturing additional market share.

5. Promotional Privilege and Support

Being our valued partner, you will have the liberty to create promotional programs for our beneficiaries to fortify your success.

As we want to provide full support, we provide you the Following for FREE:

  • Design and printing of your promo coupons
  • Delivery of your promo coupons to our beneficiaries
  • Email marketing for your promo
  • Press release
  • Advertising on our materials, kits, envelopes, and more.

All of these, combined with our Global Expertise, Financial Stability, and Cost-effective, Secure & Transparent processes, make us the partner of choice.

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