9 Ways to Retain Loyal Customers in 2019

Gaining new customers is vital for every business but retaining existing and loyal customers is just as important. Loyal customers are the lifeblood of businesses so taking care of them is a must.

However, even the most loyal customers can leave a business or company in an instant. This is why an effective and good Loyalty Program should be implemented. Aside from making your business more relevant and to stay in the game, it is also essential to keep the customers happy.

There are tons of Loyalty Program strategies that companies can implement but not all prove to be effective. This is one of the reasons why businesses should devise the most applicable program based on their services or products and their target audience.

Here are some helpful tips you can consider how you can devise the right program to retain your loyal customers:

How to Retain Loyal Customers in 2019 - Create program for customers

Create a VIP Program for your customers – Urge your customers to collect “loyalty points” to attain a VIP status. Offer them perks and benefits exclusive to your VIP clients only. By adding a VIP Program to your current marketing strategies, you can offer brand-specific rewards to the VIP clients and show them that you understand their needs and what they want from your business.

How to Retain Loyal Customers in 2019 - Develop Special Offers

Develop special offers for your loyal customers – It is important to gather information and analyze the kinds of customers your business have. Create special offers such as special discounts and promo add-ins which appeal to each individual and focus on ways of converting their interest into actual purchases. Presenting a special offer is also a great opportunity to attract potential clients.

How to Retain Loyal Customers in 2019 - Communicate with Customers

Communicate with your customers – Try, as much as possible, to be responsive to their concerns and needs. Through this, they will feel valued and appreciate the time you’re giving them that could lead to a stronger bond between the business and the client. In return, they can help you in terms of brand awareness by sharing their experience with their family, friends, and other acquaintance. This will bring in positive feedback and image to your brand.

How to Retain Loyal Customers in 2019 - Develop Customer Experience

Develop an effective customer experience strategy – Having a good loyalty program will demand great customer experience so companies should have a precise way of gauging it in order to come up with the most appropriate programs or campaigns for their loyal customers.

How to Retain Loyal Customers in 2019 - Make Rewards Fresh

Make the rewards for the Loyalty Program fresh and innovative – Make sure the benefits of the program that you introduce are fresh and excite the customers to keep them continuously supportive of your brand. By doing this, you can also get a glimpse of what types of rewards get your clients’ interest and bring in more profits to your business.

How to Retain Loyal Customers in 2019 - Celebrate with other companies

Collaborate with other companies relevant to your business – Sometimes, Loyalty Programs need time and budget to be more effective. This could be addressed by partnering up with other companies that are relevant to your business. Come up with a program that would benefit both companies without stressing the budget and taking up a lot of time in planning and carrying it out. This can also lead to a wider audience reach which could generate leads for potential clients.

How to Retain Loyal Customers in 2019 - Ask Customer's Insights

Ask for your customers’ insights or feedback about your products and services from time to time – This gives loyal customers the feeling of being a part of the company and makes them stick to your brand or business. Just make sure to consider their inputs and deliver necessary actions to show your clients that you listen to them.

How to Retain Loyal Customers in 2019 - Send Communication materials

Send communication materials that would give updates on the latest promos  - Email blast or email marketing is essential in keeping your customers up-to-date with the newest offerings of your business, whether it’s a new product or an exclusive sale just for them. An educational email which shows the step-by-step process of how to use your products is also a good way to reach out to your loyal clients and to convince them why your product is the best one in the market.

How to Retain Loyal Customers in 2019 - Reward Memorable Gifts / experience

Reward your loyal customers with unique and memorable gifts or experience – Gift certificates are one of the most in-demand gifting solutions that the public wish to receive. And it is not surprising given the fact that gift certificates or vouchers are flexible, good as cash, and can be used in leading malls and supermarkets.

In the Philippines, Sodexo gift certificates, particularly the Premium Pass, are the leading and top preferred gift certificates by employees. Some of the perks of a Sodexo GC holder is the easy purchase of items or services because it works like cash. Plus, the GCs are accepted in thousands of merchants nationwide, which include leading and premium shopping malls, restaurants, specialty stores, and hotels.

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