#BestGiftEver For Employees Using Digital Solution

Christmas is one of the most exciting season of the year where we showcase our relationships with our family, friends, loved ones and even co-workers. As an employer or an HR professional, it is also the best time to show how much you value your employees. Christmas gifting may seem very easy but it is actually crucial especially on choosing what gift to give as you have to ensure that your employees will surely  enjoy and appreciate your Christmas gift.

There are a lot of options when it comes to Christmas gifting such as cash, gadgets, gift cards, gift certificates or gift vouchers. Most companies choose gift certificates as it has more advantages over other options. Gift certificates give the freedom to choose and it entails less administrative burden over gifts in kind.

Sodexo Premium Pass, considered as the best gift and reward for employees is trusted by top companies and multinationals in the Philippines as their gift, reward or even incentive for employees as it has the widest merchant network accepted in more than 10,000 merchant outlets nationwide.


Sodexo Mobile Pass as #BestGiftEver

As the world becoming digitalized, aside from Sodexo Premium Pass, you also have a new and great alternative which is Sodexo Mobile Pass. Yes, using your laptop or mobile phone, you can easily send Christmas gift to your employees making it the #BestGiftEver for Employee in the world of digital.

Let’s learn more about the Sodexo Mobile Pass and its advantages:

1. Sodexo Mobile Pass - Hassle-free digital voucher

The Sodexo Mobile Pass revolutionizes gifting and rewarding for your employees through a hassle-free digital voucher solution. Giving gifts in kind entails administrative burden as you need to purchase, stock and distribute your items to your employees but with Sodexo Mobile Pass, you will save time and cut all the administrative hassles in employee gifting during Christmas rush making you more efficient and focused in other important areas during Christmas season.  The free Mobile Pass App is available for download on all Android and iOS devices.


2. Accepted in top preferred merchants

As an employer, you want to make sure that your employees will enjoy your Christmas gift. Sodexo Mobile Pass is accepted in any of Sodexo’s top preferred merchants thus, you are sure that your employees will have the freedom to choose the gift they like during Christmas.


3. Can also be used as Christmas gift for your customers and partners

The Sodexo Mobile Pass can also be used to reward your partners and consumers.

  • Product Promotion - Give rewards or giveaways to your customers during Christmas nationwide from as anytime, anywhere. No need to worry about all the logistics.
  • Sales Channel Reward - This Christmas season, incentivize your sales channel distributors or trade partners nationwide and through our online platform you can easily track if they have received their reward.
  • Loyalty Reward - Let us handle the merchant network for you and deliver your rewards and gift vouchers instantly this Christmas.


Contact Sodexo customer service hotline to inquire and learn more about Sodexo Mobile Pass at (632) 689-4789 or email us at customercare.​svc.​ph@​sodexo.​com


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