Grow Your Business this Holiday Season

Christmas time is a season when most Filipinos think of having fun, going for a holiday getaway, and completely relaxing from the stress given by all this year’s hardwork.

Christmas holiday starts as early as September here in the Philippines. While most people see this as an opportunity to relax and bond with their families, others see this period as a time to earn extra money. These business owners usually think of creative ways so that they can make money during Christmas time.

Have you heard that we also offer other gift certificates aside from our Premium Pass? These gift certificates include SM Gift Pass, Rustan’s Gift Certificate, Shopwise/Wellcome Gift Certificate, and Walter Mart Gift Pass. They are gift certificates powered and managed by the same people behind our famous Sodexo Gift Certificates. During Christmas season, you can use these gift certificates or gift vouchers to maximize the business opportunity during Christmas time and earn more money.

Here’s a bit more description per gift certificate we co-manage in the Philippines:

SM Gift Pass - The perfect gift for all occasions! It is accepted in all SM affiliated establishments nationwide such as Uniqlo, Forever21, Watsons, Toy Kingdom, Miniso, and more. This can also be used in home brands like SM Store and SM Supermarkets.

Rustan’s Gift Certificate - Enjoy a premium shopping experience in all Rustan’s Supermarkets and Marketplace by Rustan’s.

Shopwise and Wellcome Gift Certificate - Avail of and enjoy a wide variety of products in all Shopwise and Wellcome outlets.

Walter Mart Gift Pass - Enjoy a convenient shopping experience in all Walter Mart Malls, Abenson, Electroworld, and Homeplus stores.

You may be wondering right now how these gift certificates can help you grow your business. Read on and discover how you can use the advantages and value of these gift certificates for your business:

1. Attract customers to buy from you

During Christmas season, you may have a special Christmas offer for your customers and these gift certificates are ideal and effective Christmas gifts for your customers. Instead of giving away boring and commonly used discounts or rebates, make your Christmas offer more memorable and rewarding by giving them one of these gift certificates. You may choose the best gift vouchers according to the preference of your customers. For example, if you want to give premium shopping experience to your customers, you may give them the Rustan’s gift certificate or if you want a one-stop shopping experience, you may give them the SM Gift Pass.

2. Make your staff or employees more productive during the Christmas season

Christmas time is the busiest season for your business and to your employees as well. Motivation is an important factor to ensure productivity within your team. As the business owner and their leader, you are responsible to keep them happy and satisfied at work. You may give co-branded gift certificates as a means to reward your employees for their hard work during Christmas or give it as a Christmas gift to them to let them feel valued and appreciated.

3. Hassle-Free Christmas Gift

If you are planning to give traditional Christmas gifts like Christmas baskets, hams, and queso de bola, gift certificates are more ideal presents. Why? With co-branded gift certificates, you are giving your employees and customers the freedom to choose the gift they prefer to have for Christmas. Most importantly, these gift certificates are hassle-free since you don’t need to look, shop, stock, and distribute your Christmas gifts. In short, it cuts all the logistical hassle and you can save more time and focus on more important things for your business.

Final Thoughts

As business owners, being practical and wise is always a great idea to ensure the success of your business during the holiday season. You may purchase these gift certificates in their stores, usually in the customer service area or you may buy it in just a click away thru www.GCregalo.com. The first and only gift certificate store in the Philippines! It offers free shipping for a minimum purchase of P2,000 worth of purchase. With co-branded gift certificates and www.GCregalo.com, Christmas gifting for customers and employees is seamless, easy, and hassle-free.

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