Importance of employee Christmas gift-giving

Christmas is the most awaited celebration in the Philippines. It has always been in the tradition of every Filipino to celebrate this season, as this is the time for them to be with their loved ones and enjoy their company. Most importantly, given that the Philippines is the 4th largest Christian country in the world, where approximately 90-percent are Catholic, they put the birth of Jesus Christ at the heart of their celebration.

Other than family gatherings and reunions, there are also other practices that are already ingrained in the hearts and minds of Filipinos during Christmas, and one of these common practices is gift giving, where one voluntarily gives his/her loved one Christmas gifts to express his/her love and appreciation.

But these days, Christmas gift-giving is no longer just being practiced among family members and close friends, as this selfless tradition and gesture is now also common in the workplace as part of the company’s employee or HR program. Now the question is, why is it important to give your employees gifts during Christmas?

1.     Employees will feel valued

Anyone who receives a present from someone would definitely feel valued. Likewise, in the case of employees, receiving a present from their employer during Christmas is a tangible proof that their contribution to the company are well-appreciated and well-acknowledged.

2.     Boosts Employees’ Motivation

Providing your employees effective Christmas gifts would consequently result to boosted morale and renewed engagement of your staff, which will eventually manifest in their performance in the long-run.

3.     Builds Loyalty

Lastly, Christmas gift-giving will make your employees feel that they are more than a part of the organization, and more like a part of a family or a community that practices the same values and tradition. This in turn will help you in building loyalty among your employees.

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