Practical & Memorable Employee Gift this Christmas

The Philippines is said to be known as the “The Land of Fiestas,” because of its abundance of festivities it celebrates all throughout the year, from different parts of the country. But among these celebrations, the most anticipated festivity is Christmas. In fact, as early as September, you can already feel the spirit of Christmas in the Philippines, because most (if not all) Filipinos are already preparing for the holiday season by thinking of what to give to their loved ones and buying Christmas decorations in advance, which is also being reinforced by shopping malls playing Christmas songs as soon as the “Ber” season hits. Hence, making the Philippine Christmas celebration the longest and merriest in the world.

But of course, of all these preparations, one of the most awaited events in the Filipino Christmas celebration is the Christmas Eve dinner at midnight or famously known as “Noche Buena,” which is celebrated among families, relatives, and even close friends and neighbours. And being a people who naturally love to eat, we, Filipinos, prepare and serve a lot of delicious Christmas delicacies on our Christmas dinner table. Among the typical Christmas dishes being served are: Christmas ham, spaghetti (or other type of pasta), pancit, kakanin, fruit salad, and many more!

Other than the Noche Buena feast, another Christmas tradition among Filipinos is gift-giving. That being said, Christmas gifting has been a common practice not just within families and friends, but within business organizations as well, as part of its benefits and rewards program. This way, organizations are able to help its recipients (employees) celebrate a meaningful and joyful Christmas. Thus, making it a more memorable Christmas experience for them.

The typical Christmas gift most companies provide to their employees is either a Christmas ham or Christmas basket comprised of Noche Buena essentials. However, according to our client research, despite the effectiveness of the program on the perspective of the recipients, the process most HR personnel have to go through before they could successfully pull-off such a program is dreadful and burdensome due to issues of storage, distribution, and spoilage (for perishable goods), especially for those companies with a large employee base.

Taking this into consideration, Sodexo Benefits and Reward Services Philippines, Inc., a service company with a wealth of experience in the fields of employee benefits and rewards, have developed a hassle-free Christmas gifting solution - the Sodexo Christmas Ham and Christmas Basket gift passes. With these gift passes, you can now avoid the hassles of storage, distribution, and even spoilage incidents. More than that, we have made sure that you have a wide variety of Christmas hams and Christmas baskets to choose from, to ensure that you will be able to help your recipients fulfil their #NocheBuenaGoals this holiday season and make it a memorable one.

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