Rewards Promos for Loyal Customers in the New Year

Customers are the lifeblood of any business and gaining loyal customers takes time. Once customers become loyal to a business’ product or service, they become living testaments and most effective marketing support for businesses as they can spread raves about the business.

So as the current year comes to a close, coming up with effective Customer Loyalty Programs for the next year is pertinent in order to provide better rewards for the customers.

There are a lot of options and ideas for Loyalty Programs out there. Here are some ideas to help you determine what kinds of reward programs you can adapt in 2019:

Rewards Promos for Loyal Customers in the New Year - Referral BonusOffer a referral bonus for every new customer they recruit – A huge bonus is not a requirement for this, but make sure that the reward is good enough to encourage them to recruit more new or potential clients. Make the rules and guidelines clear and make it open both online and in-store.

Rewards Promos for Loyal Customers in the New Year - Free DeliveryFree shipping or delivery – Take out delivery or shipping costs for the orders of your loyal customers. This may only be a small amount but they will be encouraged to order more from you in the future.

Rewards Promos for Loyal Customers in the New Year - Free ItemsGive them free items or samples – Everybody loves free stuff, so this Loyalty Program strategy is a sure way to retain and gain new clients.

Rewards Promos for Loyal Customers in the New Year -  convert points to GCsConvert their points to gift certificates – If you include the points system to your Loyalty Programs, do not just offer them a catalogue of products that are only specific to certain preferences. Gift certificates are versatile rewards that can be given to anyone from all walks of life. Make it grander by converting their points to gift certificates and let them decide where to use them.

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