Sodexo Premium Pass: #BestGiftEver For Employees

As an employer or head of a company which has hundreds of employees, what do you consider when you think about corporate gift-giving or incentives for your employees especially this Holidays?

Executives are busy running the company all year long, but the busyness during Christmas season is a bit special mainly because this is the time where they express their appreciation to their employees for a year of dedication and hard work. Employee loyalty is an important aspect to grow the business and employees are the most valuable assets of any company.

Company giveaways usually include mugs, calendars, ballpens, notebooks, and other material things that can be used in the office. However, some employees get tired of receiving such items and they end up gifting them to other people. Also, because these are the most common giveaways, recipients sometimes forget that these gifts should make them feel valued and appreciated and not just because companies need to give them something in the spirit of Christmas.

In the Philippines, employees start to look for a deeper value for the gifts they receive either as Employee Incentives or Christmas gifts. And because of this, Sodexo Premiums Pass, the leading gift certificate in the country, is considered the best gift especially for the purpose of rewarding and gifting employees.

Sodexo Premium Pass Advantages

Wide Merchant Network – Sodexo Premium Pass is accepted in thousands of Partner Merchants in the Philippines. Sodexo merchants include leading fast food and restaurant chains, popular clothing and apparel brands, top supermarkets and convenience stores, and gadget, appliances, and specialty stores nationwide. For the complete list of our Partner Merchants, click this link.

Memorable Shopping Experience – Employees can shop, dine, and buy the things they want by using the Premium Pass in their preferred malls or stores in the country. They can even share the gift certificates with their loved ones and choose where and how they will use the GCs.

Ease of Distribution – Unlike other Christmas giveaways or corporate gifts, gift certificates can be given easily and there’s no need to store them in large warehouses or cold storage rooms. There’s also no need for long lines and waiting hours just to distribute the gift certificates.

Flexibility – Premium Pass can be given not only as Christmas or Employee Incentives but can also be used for the following:

  1. Consumer Promotion – Consumers have the freedom to decide where to use their rewards
  2. Sales Channel Rewards – Motivate your sales force and boost their productivity
  3. Loyalty Program – Thank your loyal customers by giving them Premium Pass gift certificates they can use in more than 10,000 merchants in the country
  4. Online and Personal Gifting – Sodexo gift certificates can be purchased online via www.GCregalo.com. Filipinos anywhere in the world can order and send gift certificates to their loved ones, employees, business partners, and customers easily and quickly.

To know more about the advantages and to experience why Sodexo Premium Pass is the #BestGiftEver, contact us now by dialling the Sodexo hotline (632) 689-4789 or email us at customercare.svc.ph@sodexo.com