The Best Consumer Promotion Programs Gift in 2019

With the New Year just a few days away, companies should now have new ideas on how they will implement their Consumer Promotion Programs for 2019.

Competition is tough especially now that more and more people are favoring effective sales strategy. In order to level up your game or to stay ahead of your competitors, you should come up with a good Consumer Promotions Program that would attract more clients in the coming year.

Some of the most common and proven effective Consumer Promotions strategies include percentage discounts, Buy One Get One, multi-buy and conditional promotions. These methods have been the go-to ways of companies when they want to gain more consumers.

Aside from these, another tested method is to engage your consumers with surveys and other promotional ways like online polls or contests that would qualify them to receive gift certificates. In the Philippines, Sodexo gift certificates such as the Premium Pass, are some of the most popular and in-demand prizes for consumer promotions. Consumers are likely to participate in surveys or contests when gift certificates are in store.

So what makes Sodexo vouchers the #BestGiftEver for your Consumer Promotion Programs? Here are some of the reasons why:

What is the best gift in 2019 for Consumer Promotions? - Good as Cash

Sodexo gift certificates are good as cash. Gift certificate recipients can go to shopping establishments or restaurants and use their gift certificates as payment for the items or food they purchased without the need for strict confirmation or identification. Just present the GCs and voila, they can enjoy shopping or dining out without any trouble.

What is the best gift in 2019 for Consumer Promotions? - GCs are accepted in thousands of partner merchants


Sodexo Premium Pass is accepted in thousands of Partner Merchants in the country. Premium Pass offers flexible options for GC holders and lets them feel prime shopping experience in premium malls, supermarkets, and restaurants in the country.

What is the best gift in 2019 for Consumer Promotions? - can be transferred or regift to loved ones

Gift certificates can be transferred or re-gifted to their loved ones. They can share the perks of the vouchers with their loved ones and let them choose where and when they will use the GCs, providing them with an unforgettable shopping experience.

Sodexo products can be used not only for your Consumer Promotions but also for Employee Rewards and Incentives, Sales Channels Programs, and even personal gifting. To know more about Sodexo products and why gift certificates are the #BestGiftEver, call the Sodexo hotline at (632) 689-4789 or drop us an email at customercare.svc.ph@sodexo.com