Top Preferred Gifts by Companies

For most companies, Christmas is one of the busiest time of the year. Aside from the numerous events and activities, employers are also busy thinking of gift ideas for their employees.

In the Philippines, corporate Christmas planning starts as early as September or October. These months are considered the start of the peak season for organizing parties, year-end activities, and of course, Christmas gifting. But it’s not all fun and games when planning for these. More often than not, employers and other employees involved in the planning find this stage stressful and nerve-wracking. They spend months just to come up with the perfect Christmas gift ideas or giveaways that would be useful and make their employees happy in the Holidays.

Although there are a lot of gift ideas out there, companies have staple Christmas giveaways every single year that make their employees feel more special during the Holidays. Some of the top preferred gifts by companies include the following:

  1. Christmas Baskets – Aside from the fact that Christmas season is the time for sharing and gift-giving, Christmas baskets are also practical gifts to be given to the employees. With the goods included in the basket, employees can add delicious food to their Noche Buena table during Christmas Eve.
  2. Christmas Hams – Filipino Noche Buena gatherings are not complete without serving Christmas Hams. That’s why every year, employees await the day for Ham distribution in their offices. Such gifts make employees feel the Christmas season even more. 
  3. Gift Certificates – Aside from the usual employee rewards or incentives, employees look forward to the Holidays season to receive gift certificates. As a matter of fact, more and more employees now consider gift certificates to be the best gift they could receive, either as an employee reward or Christmas bonus. And why not, gift certificates provide a special experience to the holders since they can use them or share them with their loved ones. 

Employers in the Philippines are lucky because Sodexo Philippines offers gift certificates for all the above-mentioned top gifts by companies.

For Christmas baskets, employees can choose from various basket packages in the form of a gift certificate. This means they can avoid the hassles of storage and distribution bulky Christmas baskets to their employees. With Sodexo’s Christmas Basket gift certificates, employees can simply redeem the corresponding basket from the nearest Robinsons Supermarket branches near them. 

The all-time favorite Purefoods Christmas Hams can also be given in the form of a gift certificate with Sodexo’s Purefoods Christmas Ham gift certificates. Employees can get fresher and juicier hams from various partner supermarkets nationwide. 

Lastly, Sodexo’s leading gift certificate, the Premium Pass, is also an all-time favourite of employers. Employees can enjoy the benefits of having more than 10,000 Partner Merchants to choose from when they finally decide to use their gift certificates. They can shop, dine, book their trips, and even buy new gadgets by using the Sodexo Premium Pass. 

To know why Sodexo gift certificates are considered the #BestGiftEver and to give your employees the unforgettable shopping and dining experience with these, you may dial the Sodexo hotline (632) 689-4789 or you can also order online at www.GCRegalo.com