Why Christmas Ham Gift Pass is the #BestGiftEver?

Christmas time in the Philippines is synonymous to serving delectable food in parties, reunions, and of course, Noche Buena. And when you say Noche Buena, some of the must-haves in a Filipino Christmas dining table are the best-tasting Purefoods Christmas Hams.

In companies, Purefoods Christmas Hams are also among the employee favorites for giveaways or employee incentives programs during the Holidays. Aside from the usual 13th-month pay, employees also await the distribution of Christmas Hams in their office.

But for the employers, storing and distributing hams may be a stressful activity for them especially if they have hundreds of employees. They have to keep the hams in large storage rooms so they remain fresh and juicy until they are given to the recipients. They also have to plan the logistics and distribution in order to accommodate all their employees and not leave anyone without a Christmas ham behind.

Good thing Sodexo offers Purefoods Christmas Ham Gift Pass, a gift certificate specially created to redeem Purefoods Christmas hams such as the Pear-shaped Ham, Jamon de Bola, and the Star of the Noche Buena Feast, Purefoods Fiesta Ham, from partner supermarkets in the Philippines.

Purefoods Christmas Ham Gift Pass is the #BestGiftEver to be given by employers when you want to achieve the following:

1. No more worries about spoiled hams in the storage room

The gift pass can be given to the recipients and you can let them decide when they will redeem the hams. This means employers can avoid the hassle of storing hundreds of hams while employees can enjoy fresh and juicy hams straight from supermarkets near them.

2. No need to buy hams from supermarkets and prepare them for gifting

Just order the Christmas Ham Gift Pass and voila, you can now easily give your employees their much-awaited hams for Noche Buena.

3.Recipients can easily redeem their Christmas hams

With the Christmas Ham Gift Pass, recipients can easily present the voucher and get Purefoods hams from supermarkets such as SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, Savemore, Waltermart, AlfaMart, Rustan’s Supermarket, Shopwise, Wellcome, and Robinsons Supermarket.

Avoid the stress of distributing Christmas hams to your employees with Purefoods Christmas Ham Gift Pass and enjoy the Holidays worry-free knowing that you made your employees feel appreciated by giving them the #BestGiftEver they can share with their loved ones.

Contact us and know how you can avail Purefoods Christmas Ham Gift Pass for the #BestGiftEver experience for your employees this Christmas. Just dial the Sodexo hotline (632) 689-4789 or email us at customercare.svc.ph@sodexo.com
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